Thank a San Francisco Teacher Today

Thank a Teacher Today.

This is a very cool site where teachers can be acknowledged for the great things that they do.  As volunteers you often work closely with teachers and see things that they do that no one else gets to see.  If there is a teacher you have been or are working with who deserves a “thank you”, take a minute to send one with this site.  Just click on the link and you will be taken right to the site.  It is very simple once you get there.

About Experience Corps Bay Area

Experience Corps Bay Area recruits and trains adults 50+ to tutor and mentor elementary school children, with a focus on K-3 literacy.
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2 Responses to Thank a San Francisco Teacher Today

  1. Gail Perin says:

    How does the teacher know about a comment, and how can we see what we wrote?

  2. Gail,
    The information on the website says that the thank you messages will be delivered to school staff rooms during the week of May 7th. I don’t think you can go back in and see what you wrote, as I filled one out and could not get back to it. This is for teachers in San Francisco only, although I hope our members in Marin and Oakland are inspired to write their own thank you’s, not on the website, and give them to the teachers who they are thanking.

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