April Tips for Tutors

April Tips for Tutors

Prefixes and Suffixes


As children begin to read multisyllabic words frustration can set in.  Many words that a child has the tools to read just look too big and scary, and often a child will just give up.  Giving students the right tools to attack these longer words will help them to realize that these words aren’t so hard to read.


One way you can help with this is by teaching the suffixes and prefixes.  You can teach these in almost the same way that you teach high frequency words.  You can write the prefixes and suffixes on flash cards or on a white board or paper.  Only work on about five word parts at a time, and as some are mastered introduce more so that the number is always around five.


To begin, you will want to flash through more than five cards just to see which word parts need more practice.  Just like you would do with high frequency words, you can make two piles with the ones they know and the ones they don’t know.  From the pile that they don’t know select five to work on more thoroughly.  Then use the following strategy.


Word Part Strategy


Ex.  Say, “The word part is re, say re.”


Say, “Re means again.  Redo means to do again.  Rewrite means to write again.”

Say, “What’s the word part?”



This gives the student practice on the isolated part that is not an actual word, so that when he/she sees this word part attached to a root word he/she won’t be afraid.  Giving the meaning also helps because it gives the child a connection.


I am including some prefixes and suffixes that are appropriate for the end of first grade through third grade.



Common Prefixes
Prefix Meaning Example
pre- before preview
un- not unbelievable
dis- not disagree
re- again rewrite
mis- not misunderstood
im- not impossible
bi- two bicycle
de- not deregulated



Common Suffixes
Suffix Meaning Example
-er doer teacher
-able able to unbelievable
-ous full of dangerous
-ness state of being happiness
-ful full of wonderful
-ly or -y like gently
-ment state of government








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