Using Your iPad for Tutoring

iPad for Tutoring


Some members have asked about using an iPad in their tutoring sessions, so I have researched some free apps that may be useful. Many of the students you are tutoring do not have access to technology at home, and this increases the gap between them and their more technologically savvy peers. Using an iPad to enhance your tutoring sessions can not only make things more fun, but you are helping to bring your students into the world of technology. Just remember to check with the teacher you are working with first. Also, try any app first in case there are inappropriate ads as there sometimes are on the free apps. Finally, don’t overuse the iPad, but mix it in with books and other work so that it adds some variety to what you are already doing.


Free apps:

First Words (Deluxe) Spelling and learning game for kids (This is a very simple, basic game that would be best for Kindergarten or first grade, or even for a very limited English speaker. You can choose a word length and then the word appears with a picture, and scrambled letter tiles for the student to place in the right spots.


Bob Books Reading Magic Lite (This is a basic phonics game where students build words as the computer says the sounds. They can also move up to sentence building. Good for K-1)


Sight Words 2: 140+ learn to read flashcards and games (This app is just an animated way to practice sight words. There are no new strategies used, but they have sight words for different grade levels.)


Sight Words by Photo Touch (Three or four sight words are displayed and one is read aloud by the computer. Students must find the word that is read. There are words for pre school through 3rd grade)


Read Me Stories (Books are read to the children with sounds and some animation. This will require a place where the sound will not bother others.)


Word Games for Kids – Futaba (The title is a bit misleading as there are more math games than word games, but there are some games with sight words. This is a multiplayer game that would be fun for a small group.)


Story Time for Kids (This app has more advanced books and games. The books can be read by the computer or by the student.)



Almost all of these apps can be viewed on You Tube so that you can see what you are getting. There are many, many more free apps, as well as some that are $0.99. The free apps are often free for a reason and have limits, but if you are using them as a way to break up the regular work of the session, you don’t need then to be super detailed.


Also remember that your iPad or smart phone can be used to find pictures of unfamiliar words, or to help build background knowledge by showing pictures that give context for a story you are about to read.


If you have any apps you are currently using that you have found successful, please respond and share with all of us.


Have fun!







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Experience Corps Bay Area recruits and trains adults 50+ to tutor and mentor elementary school children, with a focus on K-3 literacy.
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