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November Tips for Tutors

This article has some interesting tips for working with students with ADHD. These tips would work well with any very active student. Remember that not all active students are ADHD, and it is not our place to make that kind … Continue reading

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Fluency Video

Fluency in reading is much like fluency in speaking. It involves rate, expression, and comprehension. Students are often tested on their rate alone, because it is a quicker method of testing, and since fluency must be tested one-on-one, it saves … Continue reading

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October Tips For Tutors

October 2012 Tips for Tutors   This month our tips will focus on getting students to be self reliant. Many of the students you work with do a great job when you are working with them 1:1, but they struggle … Continue reading

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Listening Comprehension Video

I often encourage tutors to read aloud to students for a few minutes of each session. This helps the students with listening comprehension, which also helps with their reading comprehension. This video shows San Francisco member, Bob Chan, picture walking, … Continue reading

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