Read Aloud Book List #5

As the school year winds down, check out these great titles to read aloud with your students!


Molly’s Pilgrim (An immigrant child discovers her part of America’s Thanksgiving tradition.) By Barbara Cohen, Gr. 1-4


My Brother Martin: A Sister Remembers (A nonfiction book written by MLK Jr’s Sister.) By Christine King Farris, Gr. 1-5


The Mysterious Tadpole (Louis’s uncle in Scotland sends him a tadpole that turns out to be related to the Loch Ness monster.) By Steven Kellog, Gr. K-4


The Neighborhood Mother Goose (Although this book is for younger children, it is a beautiful book of photos of urban children as the background for traditional nursery rhymes.) Photographed by Nina Crews, Gr. K


Nora’s Ark  (A true story about the great Vermont flood of 1927, and how families and neighbors escape the floodwaters by coming to Grandma Nora’s farmhouse.) By Natalie Kinsey-Warnock,  Gr. K-3


Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein (A biography of the young Einstein.) By Don Brown, Gr. 2-7


An Orange for Frankie (A holiday story based on the author’s family history.) By Patricia Polacco, Gr. K+


The Paperboy (A young African American boy delivers papers in the wee, lonely hours of the morning.) By Dav Pilkey, Gr. K


Pink and Say (A tale of two fifteen year old Union soldiers – one white, one black. This book can be very emotional, so read it first to see if you can read it aloud without tears.) By Patricia Polacco, Gr. 3+


The Poppy Seeds (A young Mexican child shows kindness to a selfish old man by attempting to plant poppies in his yard.) By Clyde Robert Bulla, Gr. K-2


Regards to the Man in the Moon (A child’s imagination turns backyard junk into adventure.) By Ezra Jack Keats, Gr. K-3


Richard Wright and the Library Card (When African American Author Richard Wright was young he was not allowed to get a library card because of the color of his skin. As a young janitor he conspires with a white man to beat the system.) By William Miller, Gr. 2-5

About Experience Corps Bay Area

Experience Corps Bay Area recruits and trains adults 50+ to tutor and mentor elementary school children, with a focus on K-3 literacy.
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6 Responses to Read Aloud Book List #5

  1. says:

    Dear Exp. Corps,

    How does one check out these books for use?  There is not enough time thi s year but I did not even know of this resource earlier.

    Thank you,

    Hal Fremming, ICS/TCN in Oakland

    • Hi Hal,

      ECBA recommends that you check these books out at your school library, or the public library. It’s also possible that your teacher may have some of these books. Hopefully you find the list helpful!

      The ECBA Team

  2. Jan Bauman. Short School, San Rafael says:

    These books sound wonderful but when there are six to seven children to tutor individually in less than 2 hours there isn’t enough time to read to them and for them to practice either their sight words, to read the phonics books or to work on their math.

    • Hi Jan,

      Yes, we know that you have limited time and much to accomplish with your students! These books are just a resource for you to pull on if you are ever looking for engaging books to read with a group of students, or even the whole class.

      The ECBA Team

  3. Gail Perin says:

    Thanks for the list, looka like I will have a lovely time with summer kids lit reading.
    with appreciation.
    Gail Perin

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