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Fluency Video

Fluency in reading is much like fluency in speaking. It involves rate, expression, and comprehension. Students are often tested on their rate alone, because it is a quicker method of testing, and since fluency must be tested one-on-one, it saves … Continue reading

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Listening Comprehension Video

I often encourage tutors to read aloud to students for a few minutes of each session. This helps the students with listening comprehension, which also helps with their reading comprehension. This video shows San Francisco member, Bob Chan, picture walking, … Continue reading

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Blending Video

For tutors working with beginning readers, blending is an effective way to help students put sounds into words. Watch as Nancy leads a student through blending with letter cards, and blending words within the text in a book.

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Reading Videos

Here are two videos that show good ways to read a decodable book and how to work on reading comprehension. Watch how the tutors “picture walk” through the books before reading. Also note that the tutors go over the parts … Continue reading

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Vocabulary Video

Vocabulary is a huge contributor to the achievement gap. A student may be able to read words beautifully, but if he/she cannot understand the words there will be no meaning. Watch San Francisco member Bob Chan as he helps a … Continue reading

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Spell Out Strategy

I have posted about the Spell Out Strategy before, but now we have a video! San Francisco member, Fred Brundage, shows how this strategy looks with a first grade student. Remember that this is a great strategy for unknown sight … Continue reading

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Relationship Building Video

  Here is a great Relationship video starring Oakland member Bob Burt, and Essence from San Francisco.

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